About Smart Sophie

I'm Smart Sophie, the world's fastest database reporter and I don't say that lightly!

I've met other database reporters and frankly I leave them far behind. Send me out on a database reporting assignment and watch how fast I get the scoop. I've been known to run through over a million queries in just a few minutes! Database reports that used to take your whole staff days to turn out, now take you and me just a few hours. You just tell me what you are looking for and I do the hard part of sifting through all that data! Send me out into the field and you'll see. Whatever the database format, whether it's Oracle, .txt. PDF, MySQL- been there, done that.

I'm a girl who loves a challenge!

Like making your database reports look beautiful. After all, I may be tough but I'm still a woman and I know "looks" count. So check out my user-friendly interface for adding graphics, changing font styles and all the other stuff you need to make the best-looking database reports you've ever seen!

So there you have it. I'm smart, fast, and create beautiful, informative reports. Everything you'd want from your database reporter. Put me to the test. I'll even go on assignment for you for 30 days, at no charge, so you can see for yourself what I can really do. Hey, when was the last time you met a girl like me?