Data Base is committed to serving the communications and computing needs of your business in a cost effective way that makes sense.  Keeping up with communication costs and maitaining a current, state of the art, trouble free computing environment can challenge the income statement of even the most profitable business. Are you trusting you critical business systems to antiquated server harder that is difficult and costly to maintain? We can help! Our offerings include:

  • Virtual Servers: replace the onsite equipment with a safe and secure "server in the cloud" that you don't need to replace, backup, or maintain. We do that for you . We take care of the backups, the server maintenance, and the operating system updates. You have the peace of mind of an offsite backup, and are always on a current operating system platform. 
  • Virtual Desktops: Keep the old PC, but use it to login to a virtual desktop, on Windows 7 or Windows 8, that looks, and behaves, exactly like a PC on your desk.  Like the virtual server, it is backed up, and the operating system updates are performed regularly.  Anti-virus protection is included.  
  • VoIP (Voice over IP) Telephony systems that can be as small as one phone, and grow to meet the needs of your growing business, without the need for expensive, onsite switching equipment that is difficult to change and maintain.  You have your choice of buying your own internet enabled phones, or renting them from us for a low monthly fee. 

We offer free consultations, so call us for a quote today! Let us show you how we can help you spend less time and money on these critical support systems, freeing you to spend the time and effort where it really pays: on your business.