Smart Sophie™ Database


Smart Sophie™ MFG is a comprehensive manufacturing network-based software application that runs from any desktop connected to the internet. It is pre-configured to handle Human Resources, Inventory, Manufacturing, basic Accounting, Job Costing, Sales, Reporting, and more. Smart Sophie™ has been specially designed for the needs of any manufacturing industry helping you streamline your internal processes and in turn to maximize your profits.

Smart Sophie™ MFG is so flexible and customizable that it can be used in virtually any business setting imaginable from manufacturing, to healthcare industry, high tech industry, and more.

Human Resources

Smart Sophie™ MFG tracks shifts and schedules; helps you process commissions and payroll; and to track paid time off. The HR module also includes an electronic time-card processing feature which is multi-lingual. With monitoring stations on the floor of your manufacturing facilities you will be able to track the time an employee works on specific production lines which allows you to move them to different lines as the production manager needs to make changes. Tracking of employees’ time on a project will allow for productivity reports, personnel changes, job costing, and time predicting, making it easier for managers making the hard decisions.

3rd Party Integration

Smart Sophie™ MFG was designed for secure and easy 3rd Party Integration. The architecture was designed so that you can integrate a 3rd party “plug-in” so that you can get to the data from other databases (Oracle, SAP, Salesforce etc.) and import the information into one location without having to re-enter all the data.

Financial Functions

Smart Sophie™ MFG provides basic Financial Functions including deposits, credit and debit, collections, aging, invoices, and statements. This is a simple-to-use accounting tracking system for pulling up orders. It allows you to know what your manufacturing, invoicing, and purchase orders are going to be in the next month or two. It will allow you to job cost what sales is quoting so you can keep track of expenses – from purchase order all the way to delivery of the product to your customer.


Smart Sophie™ MFG has an integrated manufacturing module that is truly multifunctional.

Production Tracking lets you know how long each step of the manufacturing process takes and how much it will costs you to produce your product each step of the way. It will identify any problems in your manufacturing and your labor requirements simply by identifying time issues, inventory delays, or not enough inventory ordered.

Inventory Control ensures that you always have the parts on hand that you need to manufacture your product, and the product on hand to supply your customers. This will help your inventory managers to establish just-in-time inventory controls and will identify cost patterns. This will help you determine the best time to purchase parts.

Product Lifecycle tracks the life cycle of your product from the beginning to end. It will do checks and balances as to whether manufacturing is on track for deadlines, production employees are finishing on time, shipping is delivering on time, and accounting is invoicing after shipments.

Product Configuration provides assembly instructions to ensure that your product is assembled appropriately. Pulling from a CAD Drawing from the application, being able to create a BOM (bill of materials) for inventory verification, and streamlining when to manufacture will save steps in the production cycle and money spent storing unsold product or expediting the manufacturing of your product.

Process Management allows you to track all aspects of your manufacturing to ensure that your facility produces in the most cost efficient and timely fashion. If problems currently exist for you in how and when you manufacture, this operation will help you determine the changes you need to make in order to streamline your manufacturing process and to do so in the most cost efficient manner.

Shipping and Receiving

Smart Sophie™ MFG shipping and receiving module includes tracking management, dispatch planning, delivery tracking, PO verification, and inventory population. Using Smart Sophie™ Database, you can control how, when, and where product ships to your customers. Business Wisdom is knowing where your trucks and inventory are at all times.

Sales and Commissions

Smart Sophie™ MFG tracks leads, contact information, quotes, and stores purchase contracts. With MELTiT Database, you have all the tools you need from initial contact to the close of a purchase order to the distribution of commission payments. Management will always know where your sales performance is within minutes and will be able to forecast and project future business.